Helping Restore Families.

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To provide resources and support to foster, kinship, and host families.

Bright Sky Ministry was formed to assist families who are caring for at-risk children in their greatest time of need. The work that these families do is inspirational, and we would like nothing more than to help them succeed in this journey.  Caring for at risk children can be both challenging and extremely rewarding. The impact that they are making on their future cannot be overstated. We would like to be there to help decrease the stress that often occurs providing for these new family members and let them focus on parenting.

Why We Exist.


In Oklahoma:


poverty rate for children under 18



Children in out-of-home care



Grandparents with primary RESPONSIBILITY for grandchildren


children living with relatives

Oklahoma has made strides to improve their foster care system over the past several years. However, with budget shortfalls, cuts, and setbacks, organizations can only do so much to meet all of the needs of our at-risk children. We exist to help fill in the gaps that may exist when these children transition from homes.

Our Mission in Action:

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Transition Kits

Helpful kits filled with essentials that are given to host, kinship, and foster families to help transition children to their new homes.

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Big Item Necessities

Help families that need larger items for their incoming children. These items could include car seats, cribs, high chairs, etc.

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Upcoming Events.

Check here for future fundraising events and additional activities. 

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